BMG Bullion Bars

BMG Bullion Bars


If you wish to purchase BMG Bullion Bars you need to proceed as follows:

1. Provide us with 100 points ID. Click here for list of 100 point ID requirement.

2. As an authorized BMG Bullion Bars dealer, we can place an order for you to purchase London Good Delivery bullion bars on the London Bullion Market (LBMA), the over the counter physical market for bullion.  But you must first apply to become a bullion client and become approved as one by Bullion Custodial Services (BCS), a BMG company, based in Toronto.

3. In order to be able to purchase bullion through Bullion1 as your dealer, you first need to make an application to become a client of BCS/BMG. There are three types of application forms, individual, trust and company. Click here to download the relevant application forms.

4. To get this started, you would need to complete and sign and send the form to BCS/BMG so they can go through the process of deciding whether or not to approve you as a client, before we can place an order for you. You will also need to complete and sign BMG’s acknowledgement of charges and fees form.

Bullion1’s fee as a dealer is on top of BCS’s fee. Our fee for Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion is a market related premium to cover costs and make a fair trading return. The fees are very low for the industry.

5. The forms can be filled out on a computer and saved once done.  It can then be printed and signed and dated, not forgetting to initial each page in the place for it on the Client Application form, at the bottom of each page.

6. Once you are approved as a client by BCS/BMG, you and Bullion1 will then receive a Client ID and we can then proceed with placing an order for you once the necessary funds have been wired to Toronto and you are ready to proceed.

7. But before you do anything else,  you should carefully read the terms and conditions stated in the BCS Bullion Purchase Agreement  which you will also be required to sign and agree to before becoming a client of BCS/BMG. If you elect to make use of the custody service, you will need to sign the Custodial and Administrative Service Agreement

For more information on BMG, BMG Bullion Bars or BCS, please visit their website:


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