Silver Bullion


Silver Bullion

At Bullion 1, we are proud to have two options available should you with to invest in Silver Bullion.                           SILVERnewOur Silver Bullion

can be purchased in:

  • 1000 ounce BMG Silver Bullion Bars
  • 1kg PAMP Silver Bullion Bars

The price of Silver continues to rise and is proving to be a solid and wise investment.

Like gold, silver is money. It is also an irreplaceable industrial metal; however, unlike gold, silver is used up in the many processes for which  it is essential. Silver’s industrial applications are growing on a daily basis in order to keep pace with rapid developments in technology. In 1980, even with the silver price at a historical high, four billion ounces of aboveground silver existed. Today, because of silver’s dual role, only one billion ounces exist.

For investors seeking real wealth protection during these turbulent times, Bullion Custodial Services Inc (BCS), a BMG Company, now provides a secure and reliable means of purchasing investment-grade precious metals bullion bars, and optionally provides allocated and insured storage.

When a bullion bar is purchased, the BCS registry maintains all the details of the BMG BullionBars and owners which is private and confidential. The registry also allows owners to easily sell their bullion.

When purchased you receive a bullion deed which contains information on the smelter, assayer, serial number, fineness, and exact weight of the bars.

Bullion1 is an authorized dealer of BMG Bullion Bars


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