Bullion Bars

Bullion Bars


At Bullion1 we only offer London Good Delivery Bars – in other words, top class investment-grade bullion bars of gold, silver and platinum.

BMG Bullion Bars

For investors seeking real wealth protection during these turbulent times, Bullion Custodial Services Inc (BCS), a BMG Company, now provides a secure and reliable means of purchasing investment-grade precious metals bullion bars, and optionally provides allocated and insured storage. Bullion1 is an authorised dealer of BMG Bullion Bars.

Individual BMG BullionBars can be purchased in five different products:


  • 1kg Gold bars
  • 400 ounce Gold bars
  • 100 ounce Gold bars
  • 1000 ounce Silver bars
  • 50 ounce Platinum bars

When a bullion bar is purchased, the BCS registry maintains all the details of the BMG BullionBars and owners which is private and confidential. The registry also allows owners to easily sell their bullion.

When purchased you receive a bullion deed which contains information on the smelter, assayer, serial number, fineness, and exact weight of the bars.

BMG Storage

If you choose to store your bullion it will be placed at the The Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, Canada. The Bank of Nova Scotia provides investors a secure, fully allocated and insured storage facility.

Alternatively, investor can elect to have bullion stored in New York or Hong Kong. The physical bullion deed process ensures that each bar is allocated to the purchaser. This is what sets BMG apart, because much of the world’s precious metals purchased or traded today is stored in unallocated form.

Unallocated accounts are to be avoided at all costs. This is because in the event of bankruptcy of the custodian, the holders of unallocated bullion would become unsecured creditors. Since BMG’s allocated bars ensure that the title of the bullion is assigned to the purchaser, allocated bullion cannot form part of the custodian’s assets, and therefore is not subject to any third-party claims.

If the investor seeks to take physical ownership, this is no problem at all. The investor will then be required to pay the shipping, insurance and handling fee.


The second product Bullion1 can offer is a 1kg Gold bar which is produced by PAMP, a highly regarded Swiss company. These PAMP bars are also Investment-Grade Bullion Bars.


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